Jumbo Prawns*

Big, buttery, and Boldly reimagined, our Jumbo Prawns* are a delicious spin on America’s favorite and most consumed seafood item.

Product Overview

  • Whether starring in a shrimp cocktail or featured in a sea-inspired entree, our Boldly Jumbo Prawns* will make a disruptively delicious statement. Just batter, bake, sauté, or fry them, and watch a world of plant-based seafood possibilities open up. Ideal for coconut curry shrimp, fried shrimp tacos, grilled shrimp salad, or any other dish that calls for juicy jumbo prawns — Made Boldly,


  • 100% Vegan
  • Non-GMO
  • Soy Free
  • No Artificial Ingredients


  • Thaw from frozen overnight in the refrigerator (approx 8 hrs)
  • Once thawed, boil for 3-4 min until tender
  • Drain and use preferred prep & cooking method (batter, grill, pan-fry, air-fry, deep-fry)
  • Once cooked, consume within 2 days